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Ghost in My Maroon 5 Cover Song

Alright, yes, if you know me, I am a bit of a paranormal magnet...I have been seeing, hearing, and just sensing spirits and whatnot since an early age. A lot of people didn't believe in this sort of thing until they started hanging around with me. 
It was the inspiration for the book my husband and I both wrote a while back

A Dance of Light and Darkness by [Traynor, Ryan, Traynor, Niki]

Well, anyway, I have never been able to catch any of it on camera before yesterday. I was singing a Maroon 5 song on the Smule Sing app that I'm constantly on.
I was watching the playback when I noticed it in the background. It literally gave me chills because I was the only one standing in that kitchen. My kids were in the living room, in front of me, watching tv and dancing.
Yes the video is dark, but I only had one kitchen light on, and the foggy effect in front was a video filter. I use that filter often, but that had nothing to do with what you see come up on my left side, behind me...

Now, I was  little embarrassed to post it at first because I messed up on the lyrics, but I couldn't believe what I saw. I had to share. 
Check it out for yourself below and let me know that you think in the comment section below. 

You'll see it at around the 1:49 mark.

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