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New Book By Ryan Traynor Disclosure 7 (Chapter 3)

Welcome back! Ready for another chapter of my husband's book? We are finally starting Chapter 3! I like what I'm reading so far. How about you guys? Feel free to comment below with any questions or anything else you'd like to say about the story. 

As for you new readers, welcome! If you would like to catch up on the last post, click here. To read all of the previous posts, click here.

Chapter 3

Jack didn’t know where to start. He hadn’t the first clue as to how to handle a situation like this. What was the protocol? 
Everything was out of place. This was his older brother they were talking about here, the guy who protected him when he was young and seemed invincible against his precocious tendency toward bad decision making.
Despite all of the insanity surrounding the situation, Jack managed to make tickets to fly out to Chicago. There he planned to go to his brothers house. Helen had urged him to come as soon as he had the chance. Still unsure of what to expect, he agreed hoping to at least be able to spend some quality time with his nephew Rigsby. 
So Jack put his life on hold and flew out there. With any luck, he thought he might come across a clue the police missed when they searched the house. Maybe there was an explanation as to how his brother had gone missing buried deep in the recesses of the house. Or there could be something hidden in plain sight indicating exactly where Charlie might be. All of these thoughts seemed plausible one minute and downright delusional the next.
He stayed in check until he arrived at the airport not wanting to get too far ahead of himself. But when he walked outside, the crisp northern air hit him like a ton of bricks. As he waited for Helen on the second level dedicated to arrivals, tears began to stream down his face.
What if I never see him again, he thought sullenly. It was the first time he’d actually allowed his mind to go there. The first time he ever entertained it as a possibility. Four excruciatingly long days had passed by since he got word his brother had disappeared.

In anticipation of Helen and Rigsby, Jack dried his eyes with his shirt feeling determined to put on a brave front. Now wasn’t the time for grieving, he had to be strong for his brother’s family. It wasn’t until they got back to the house that Helen felt comfortable talking about anything of substance. As soon as they got there, she put a movie on to distract Rigsby and dove right in.
“I hate talking about this stuff in front of Rigsby,” Helen said, putting on a pot of coffee.
“I completely understand I can’t imagine what must be going through that kid’s head right now,” Jack retorted.
It had been over five years since Jack had been back to Illinois. He had been thrilled to leave whilst in his mid twenties and never really missed the place once he was gone. His brother’s house had been located in the city of Elgin, one of the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Jack and Charlie had grown up not more than fifteen minutes away.
“So the police were here?”
“Yeah, but nothing was accomplished,” Helen sounded angry and paused trying to compose herself. “They just kept asking me the same questions over and over as if I knew where he was.” 
Jack looked around the kitchen helplessly, wondering if he could be of any more assistance than the police had been. 
“They kept asking me when was the last time I spoke with him. Where was he? What he was doing? Who was he with? After they asked me the same question three times I began to get upset. When it was all said and done they told me they would keep me posted and left.” Helen sobbed as her eyes welled up.
Jack cringed at the thought of having to ask Helen these exact same questions the police had asked in order to fill in the gaps in his own sketchy understanding of what had happened. As luck would have it, Jack knew exactly where to start. 
“Where’s Mikey?”
“I told him you were coming into town today. He wanted to meet up right now, but I just told him to stop by later tonight after we got a chance to talk. He should be here in a couple hours.”
“Was he still working out of that dungeon in the basement?”
Helen smiled, “He called it his ‘war room’ and joked about making his battle plans in there.”
Jack walked down the old wooden stairs into the basement. Charlie’s office resided in the back corner past the water heater, furnace, washer and dryer. He opened the door and walked into the room astounded by what he saw. The room was a coordinated mess that covered every square inch of the floor and walls. It truly was strategically ordered madness telling a hundred different stories all at once. There was all sorts of stuff crammed in bookshelves and file cabinets, on and under tables and piled high on his desk around the computer. It was reminiscent of the movie, A Beautiful Mind, which was actually a fraudulent Hollywood portrayal of John Nash, who was indeed a crude psychopath that communed with powerfully dark forces. Conversely, Charlie was more of a white knight.

Maps and Bulletin boards were covered in an elaborate mix of information piled thick with typed notes, pictures, book pages and labeled cards written in black marker connected by push pins and bits of string. He couldn’t believe that this was the same room he had been in five years prior remembering it being relatively orderly and far less cluttered. Back then it had been used as much for hanging out and listening to music as it had been used for actual work. Hell, he couldn’t believe the menagerie of shit he was staring at. Wasn’t this what things looked like right before they carted you off to the looney bin?
It wasn’t until then that Jack began to feel despair. Without thinking about it, he walked in the room and sat at Charlie’s desk. He thought about when he was young growing up with Charlie and began to realize things weren’t right. Everyone desperately wants to believe that they had a normal childhood, but in retrospect this just wasn’t the case. There had been weird disturbances, monsters lurking in the dark. This is where evil lurks and looms in the night.
As the past and present began to sweep his mind, he looked up and saw Rigsby standing in the doorway with a forlorn look on his face. Clearly, he knew something was wrong, but it hadn’t quite become earth shattering as of yet. Jack stood up, went to his nephew and hugged him tight.

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