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New Book By Ryan Traynor Disclosure 6 (Chapter 2)

So, we're nearing the end of Chapter 2, which will be completed in this post. We hope you guys are liking the story. I honestly am still new to reading it, just as you all are. I like being surprised with each new post. It's just more fun this way. If you would like to go back to the previous post to catch up on your reading, here's the last post.
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“Our main man Hank said he worked in Farmington right?” he asked Mike, taking in the rolling hills covered in tall pine trees.
Keeping his eyes fixed on the road, Mike made an effort to remember, “Yeah I think so, doing some engineering work I believe. Why?”
“Because I think Farmington is that city I read about where there was that mass sighting. The largest one ever is what I think it said.”
“Look it up,” Mike urged indicating he should pull out his cell phone to get the rundown on the place.
A few minutes later, Charlie redirected Mike to Farmington assuring him that they would eventually make their way back to Dulce.
They discovered that Farmington was indeed famous for having the largest mass ufo sighting in recorded history. An armada of unmarked flying saucers or silver disks covered the sky on and off for three consecutive days. Eyewitnesses reported seeing hundreds of them in the sky flying in formation, some at speeds over 1000 miles per hour. Some even saw a larger faster red ufo leading the pack ominously. This apparently went on for three days straight smack dab in the middle of the day and was seen by thousands of residents.
Farmington is surrounded by Dulce, Four Corners, Aztec and Los Alamos. Four very suspicious places. Dulce hides beneath the cover of its small Native American population. The city of Aztec on the other hand is not quite as low key being the home to the Aztec Ruins National Monument, the Navajo pueblitos and an important ufo crash site similar to Roswell.     
As the afternoon set in, the sun blazed high in the sky. Heat rose off the highway in hallucinatory waves making the road glisten in the distance. Charlie and Mike arrived in Farmington in no time at all. Determined to talk to some of the residents about the city’s past, they decided to head straight to the public library where they came across a middle aged librarian named Susan Dailey. She provided them with literature describing the region’s humble beginnings, a couple books on the original native inhabitants of New Mexico and microfilm of the town’s newspaper clippings from the 1950’s.
After flipping through a bunch of generic articles mostly pertaining to farming, local government and high school football, he hit the jackpot and found exactly what he was looking for. It was an original copy of the article as chronicled by the Farmington Daily Times in March of 1950 proclaiming the presence of around 500 flying saucers. He flipped forward carefully to see if they could find anything redacting the article, but there was nothing. There were no retractions, no cover ups and yet it still seemed as if nobody cared. The best rational explanation that could be conjured was that the fleet of ufos flying over the city was nothing more than bits of cotton wafting through the air, which was addressed in the article and put to rest.
Several eyewitnesses remembered seeing the crafts moving at high speeds and then turning on a dime, a perfect ninety degree angle without even having to decelerate. There were so many eyewitness reports recorded in the article alone it became easy to picture what had occurred on those days. Some panicked, while others took a more scientific approach to their observations diligently reporting what they saw to authorities. If the article was to be believed, it showed the event to be a unique watershed moment.
 How is it possible that this went totally ignored, Charlie thought anxiously.
While Charlie focused on Farmington, Mike found himself reading about the Anasazi who inhabited this part of New Mexico thousands of years ago. They were an ancient Native American tribal culture that built amazing archaeological structures some of which still exist today. The Anasazi people were clearly endowed with scientific celestial knowledge as displayed in their architecture and claim to have originated from blue eyed, off world humanoids.
Their shamans were said to communicate with those that dwell beyond in the stars, which was demonstrated in the unique visual aspect of their art. Some of the preserved pictographs attributed to these people were thought to look very alien or extraterrestrial. It was just another example of ancient art depicting humans communing with large ornate godlike figures. This seemed to fall in line with ancient sumeria and ancient egypt.
Mikey found that New Mexico also had Chaco Canyon, which was a couple hours south. This place not only had mind boggling Anasazi architecture but also possessed the Great North Road, which represented the connection to the sipapu, which was a type of dimensional doorway. The north road that lead to the sipapu was traveled by the spirits of the dead and is where they believe their people originally emerged from. Obviously, these Native Americans acknowledged many more aspects of the supernatural side of life than its current residents, a common theme separating them from modern peoples. In the end, the strangest part of the Anasazi story was their mysterious unexplained disappearance from their ancestral homes.  
They thanked the librarian and left feeling discombobulated from all of the information. Had they been paying more attention, one of them would have noticed the black SUV with dark tinted windows idling in the back of the parking lot. And had one of them glanced back as they were pulling out of the parking lot, they would have seen the vehicle follow them out.
“Where to?” Mike asked yawning wide.
Charlie typed a few words into his phone, “Make a right and head west on the highway for a few miles. I’ll tell you when to pull off.”
“Okay, what’s over there?”
“Shady Oaks Retirement Home.”
They pulled into a moderately cheerful complex with pristine landscaping and scoped the place out. This was the first time Charlie noticed the black SUV parking on the other side of the street inconspicuously, but shrugged it off and concentrated on the task at hand.
Looking at the retirement home made Charlie feel a bit depressed thinking about the people living inside. It was the last place many of them would ever live and the thought of residing in one of those places alone and unwanted was enough to put a melancholy vibe on the whole situation before them. Mike thought they might have a hard time getting in unannounced, but Charlie had other ideas in mind.
At the front of the building, numerous black cast iron rocking chairs surrounded the main entrance. An elderly gentleman sat off to the left side reading his newspaper looking quite sleepy. Their approach roused him enough to begin rocking his chair while eyeing them suspiciously. Against his better judgement, Charlie decided to introduce himself and tell the old guy exactly what had brought him to this small retirement community in Farmington, New Mexico.
“Don’t mean to bother you sir,” he began wearily. “My name is Charles Warner and I’m from out of town.”
He held out his hand in front of him wondering for a moment if the old man was going to shake it or simply blow him off. Fortunately the man shook his hand and asked what it was he could do for them.
“I’m gonna level with you sir,” Charlie said hesitantly, “we were hoping to interview someone who might have seen something in 1950. You know like an eyewitness to the unidentified flying objects.”
After the old man heard him out, he laughed from deep down in his belly and told them his name was Rick Barnes. They half expected Rick to ask them both kindly to leave, but to their surprise they were invited inside to share a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. It just so happened that Rick was from out of state and had only recently moved into the facility. One of his daughters decided it was a good idea to get him moved in there after his wife died of cancer.
“I tell you what,” Rick joked, “don’t get old less you want to end up in a place like this.”
They laughed and Mikey looked around dismayed by the truth, “that’s damn good advice.” They laughed again.
“I’m actually thankful my wife didn’t have to live here, she would have hated it, but to tell you the truth I really don’t mind it. Place really ain’t half bad once you get used to it and my daughter lives about five minutes away so...” he trailed off.
Before their moment was lost, Charlie pressed the issue and again inquired if there might be anyone around who might have remembered the 1950 event. After a few moments, he informed them that his friend Maxine Waters was born and raised in this town. He graciously escorted them to her living quarters and knocked on the door playfully, a little shave and a haircut two bits. She answered the door smiling wide knowing exactly who it was.
“Well good afternoon Rick,” she said warmly.
“Why hello Maxine, you are looking ravishing as always,” he responded gallantly.
She waved him off and asked, “So who do have here?”
Obviously, she had seen right through their ploy and wanted to know who these strange men were and what it was they wanted. After introductions were made and pleasantries were exchanged Charlie was given his opening. He asked her about the mass ufo sighting in 1950. Her response was astounding. Not only had she witnessed the flurry of ufo activity, she had been able to tell him a few things that were left out of the newspapers.
Apparently, there had been other weird phenomenon that occurred in unison with massive fleet. However, it had been ignored for the most part, drowned out by the mass sightings. Maxine had first heard rumors of the mutilated cattle in the surrounding ranches within weeks of the event and saw one first hand when a rancher brought one into town for examination. Word of the ghastly mutilations spread like wildfire, so when a specimen actually showed up it was the talk of the town.
Before Charlie even had a chance to remark on the things that were being said, she switched gears and let the cat out of the bag. The event had ushered in another even worse  series of events that scarred the town in irreparable ways. Sadly, these events were mostly buried deep in the town’s subconscious. Not often acknowledged and spoken out loud with even more rarity. The abductions.
Maxine Waters knew over two dozen people personally who claimed to have experienced something akin to alien abduction. Each case, whether it was lost time, hazy flashbacks or total recall shared an overall theme. That theme consisted of something dark well orchestrated. By her closest estimate, she approximated that hundreds of people had to have been affected by direct extraterrestrial contact and that included herself.
She had just been a young teenage girl when the incident occurred, but she clearly remembered standing in her backyard after school one day while her german shepherd Max ran around chasing squirrels. The sun blazed high in the sky that day making it feel unseasonably warm. It had been the third consecutive day of midday sightings and Maxine was feeling as if she might have to become used to this new reality when she noticed Max acting really weird.
The dog began a high pitched yelping and jumped straight up in the air a couple times before running over to Maxine’s side. The large canine was usually fearless, ready to take on anything, but not on this particular day. She remembered the dog scampering up to her shaking like a leaf while it pissed and shit uncontrollably all the while continuing the high pitched yelps. It cowered next to her pathetically as she was knelt down and tried to figure out what had happened. It appeared the dog had some sort of lacerations on its hind quarters. They looked to be precise incisions made with a very sharp blade.
Before she had time to examine the animal’s wounds any further, a large ship hovered out from the treeline. Meanwhile she tried her best to console the poor creature now gripped in shear terror. The ship was the size of a single wide trailer and it let off a bright orange glow. Maxine stood up and stared at it mesmerized. She remembered how vibrant the light appeared to be as the craft moved slowly toward her. The orange glow pulsated in a rhythmic hypnotic manner engulfing her vision. The next thing she knew it was dark outside and she was standing all alone.
Unable to comprehend exactly what took place, she decided to tell no one. It wasn’t until after her second child was born that she finally spoke to a psychiatrist about what had happened. She had originally gone to therapy to help treat her postpartum depression, which was becoming increasingly worse as the months passed by. Feeling the need to unburden herself psychologically led to the revelations of that fateful day.
Not surprisingly, the therapist saw the whole thing as a hallucinogenic possibly schizophrenic episode, which could only be treated with high dosage antipsychotic medications. The psychiatrist even spoke to Maxine’s husband about getting her temporarily committed to the local psych ward for further evaluations.

Luckily, her husband blew his lid when he heard the recommendation and threatened to go down there and kick the shrink’s ass, which put an end to that. Somehow, they got through those turbulent years without any serious altercations, but she still needed help. Eventually, Maxine was introduced to a Navajo fellow named Manaba who taught her all about the origins of his tribe.
In the beginning, people were believed to have crossed through three realms of existence before arriving on earth. The first one was the dark world, which was small and pitch black. There were four seas in this world ruled by the blue heron, the frog, the big water creature and white thunder. There was one island in the middle with insects and a single tree. This was where the air-spirits dwelt. Above the four seas were four clouds: black, white, blue and yellow, which created the first man and woman.
An egg hatched in the water and the great coyote emerged into the dark world. Full of secret knowledge, it went to the first people to impart wisdom. Soon thereafter, an evil coyote sprang into the world and brought with it witchcraft. Its name was First Angry. Eventually, all of them crossed over and went to the blue world, which had animals and the Swallow Chief.
They only resided there for twenty three days before one of the air-spirits tried to sleep with the Swallow Chief’s wife. Offended, the chief banished them all and sent them to go live in the yellow world. It was here that they came across the six mountains ruled by the four gods. Erstwhile, the first people thrive there and had many twins, which in turn created multitudes. Then out of nowhere, this yellow world was flooded just like in the story of Noah. Finally, they traveled to our world known to them as the glittering world. Evidently, they showed up before the sun and moon were created on an island in a bubbling lake.
When Maxine was done telling her story, she emphasized the connections that Manaba had imparted to her regarding supernatural occurrences. He taught her that the Navajo people were in close contact with some sort of supernatural beings. These phenomenon of high strangeness would come to be less mysterious with time she explained. They were in large part answers to a larger truth. Seemingly random pieces in an elaborate puzzle waiting to be assembled. The sacred tree.
Everything from skinwalkers to witches were linked to aliens and ufos. Just as ghosts and demons were connected with bigfoot and an intergalactic federation. Crystal pyramids on earth, the moon and mars would tie in with global catastrophe and men in black. It was all related, told by megalithic sites and seers; the truth of giants, androids, intermingling alternate realities and the book of revelation.

(A pic of my husband and our oldest, when he was younger. I miss him being this little!)

I'm definitely enjoying where the story is going! Can't wait to continue on with you all in a few days.

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