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New Book by Ryan Traynor Disclosure 5 (Chapter 2)

Oh my gosh these holidays have been busy, busy, busy!!! Been trying to keep up with my reviews and social media promotions, as well as having family in town, going out of town, and more family coming in...I have a few days break before more family stuff begins for the end of the year. Ryan has still been working his butt off on the book. In case you are behind, or just beginning the book, you can start off here. All the previous pages are there.
Here is more from Chapter 2 where we left off. This post is a bit longer than the other to make up for the last missed post. (Remember, this is adult fiction).

Flashing red and blue lights meant only one thing, they were getting pulled over by the cops. After Charlie’s brain had time to process what was happening to them, he checked the sky again eagerly, scanning back and forth, but found that the mysterious object had disappeared in that big blue sky. Before he lost track of it, he did see it moving down toward the earth at a pretty dramatic speed. One thing he was sure of was that the ufo was descending toward the mountain peaks.
“Son of a bitch!” exclaimed Mikey slamming his hand on the top of the steering wheel. “Is it gone?” he asked slowing down.
“Oh it’s gone alright.” After a short pause Charlie had to ask, “So what happened there speed racer?”
“Get the hell out of here,” MIkey shot back with a tinge of annoyance in his voice. “I wasn’t speeding or swerving. I didn’t do anything.”
“Well, be cool. I don’t want this to take any longer than it has to.”
“So in other words, don’t tell the cop he’s a dumbass for pulling me over because like I said, I did not do anything. This is totally nuts.”    
Mike put on his blinker and pulled over to the side of the road puzzled. The police car’s lights flickered hypnotically while the cop took his sweet time getting out of his cruiser. They could see he was wearing a cowboy hat, which got a couple snickers.
“Check this guy out.” Mikey said with a smug grin. “I’ll handle this.”
“Don’t say anything stupid,” warned Charlie
“I got this.”
While they joked back and forth the policeman appeared abruptly at the window and tapped on the glass unnecessarily hard prompting him to roll down the window. To his surprise, the officer ordered him out of the vehicle and told him to put his hands on the hood. They exchanged words, which were hard to make out before things got out of hand. Charlie sat there dumbfounded as the he watched the right side of Mike’s face slam aggressively down against the car as the cop kicked his legs apart and frisked him.
“You, stay in the car and put your hands on the dashboard where I can see them,” he ordered Charlie peering at him authoritatively through dark aviator lenses.
After he was done searching the two of them as well as the rental car, he proceeded to take their licenses and the registration, then went back to his cruiser and had a seat.
“What the fuck,” whispered Charlie not wanting any more provocation.
“That guy's an asshole,” Mike said angrily rubbing his face. “He said I was speeding and driving recklessly in his county, which is total bullshit. Like he owns the county or something.”
“I couldn’t see his face that well behind those stupid sunglasses, but he looked really weird.”
Mike had been so shaken up the series of events that he didn’t even think about how strange the officer really did look. It was hard to put it completely into words, between the high cheekbones and ninety degree square jaw, but it was like he was an actor on a movie set overplaying the part. His skin was powdery and plastic and looked as if he couldn’t grow facial hair. That cowboy hat and those glasses only added to the effect that this was all fake somehow, a setup.
So what now? he thought.
Mikey prattled on. “And it doesn’t matter if I was speeding, which I wasn’t you can’t just slam someone’s face down on the hood of their car. That’s police brutality.”
“Chill man, I think he’s coming over.”
The officer sauntered back over to the driver’s side just as cool as a cucumber. He  bent down and practically poked his head through window after handing back the licenses and insurance card. He smiled wide like a shark showing off  his gleaming white teeth, which also appeared to be rather fake looking. Were they dentures or possibly caps? Maybe they were the teeth from the movie The Mask with Jim Carey.
“So where are you boys headed in such a hurry?” he asked no longer smiling.
“Uh, we were driving down to Dulce,” Charlie said nervously.
“Well, we don’t take to kindly to out of towners round these parts.” What he said was ridiculous quite frankly, but there was an ominous undertone that left a shiver down one’s spine.
“Now, looks like you boys need to make your way outta here pronto if you catch my drift,” he continued handing Mike a warning ticket. “I’d hate to make your day any worse. You understand me.”
They simply shook their heads in understanding just wanting the awkward encounter to be over.
“I hope I made myself clear,” was the last remark he made before peeling off leaving behind a cloud of dirt. With that they parted ways with the policeman in the cowboy hat.
By the time this fiasco came to an and, it was already noon, so Mike suggested they stop at the nearest place to eat so they could unwind and plan out their next step. In actuality, they were both ready to head back to Denver, but they knew that after a hot meal and a thorough analyzation of the mornings events intrigue and excitement would rule the day.
“Can you believe that cop?” Mike asked with obviously frustration. “I mean seriously, what the hell was\ that guy’s problem?”
“I can’t believe what happened right before we got pulled over,” Charlie said diverting the questions.
“What? You mean that plane in the sky?” Mike replied indignantly rubbing the side of his face.
“You gotta be kidding me, you thought that was an airplane?” shot back Charlie.
“Look I don’t know what it was and right now I really don’t care.”
This was followed by another few minutes of pointless bickering before they both gave up on the situation.
Silence followed the awkward confrontation and Charlie couldn’t help but feel upset. Its as if we are being played.
The timing of the cop was uncanny causing massive distraction. And now instead of having a productive conversation about what we saw we aren’t even going to speak with each other.
A few exits down the highway, they came to a small diner called the Roadside Cafe. It was bleak and dusty, blending in with the terrain, possessing a mysterious aura. The restaurant had seen better days, nonetheless, it did not lack for customers. The walls were covered in southwestern decor that included a stuffed bobcat snarling in the corner above a row of booths. There was an old fashioned jukebox blaring country music in the back near the restrooms.
Almost all of the tables were occupied, so Mikey took a seat at the counter and ordered coffee while Charlie hit the commode. The place had one of those refurbished pull chain toilets with the elevated tank just like in The Godfather. Charlie thought about the iconic scene with Al Pacino as he washed his hands. Upon returning to his friend, he found him chatting with an older gentlemen sitting a couple seats down. Charlie took a seat on the stool next to Mike and opened his menu casually listening to their conversation.
It was revealed that the gentleman’s name was Hank Porter and he’d lived all around these parts for over sixty years and had heard a lot of strange things. Without prying too much Mike guided the conversation in Hank’s direction and found out the residents weren’t quite as ignorant as he had expected. Townsfolk always talk to one another and stories circulate.
They spoke about their trip and the research they were doing for Charlie’s upcoming book prompting the man to divulge what little bit of first hand knowledge he had gathered on the subject. In the mid eighties, he had lived and worked in the city of Farmington as an electrical engineer for a private manufacturing firm putting him into frequent contact with military personnel. He had befriended many of the officers and regularly attended their Saturday night poker game, which was usually held at Tom Costello’s home.
Hank had found Tom to be one of the most interesting men he had ever met and would often stay long after the poker games were over to chat. They would talk for hours on end, often times over a bottle of aged bourbon. It was during these late night conversations that Tom revealed much of his personal life, his family, friends, where he grew up. Hank reciprocated deepening their relationship and as it turned out, the two men had so much in common it was startling. This was recognized as more than just coincidence. Hank believed it to be an omen. His father had always taught him to follow omens, which had the ability to lead someone down the rabbit’s hole to legendary adventures.

One night in particular, Hank noticed that Tom, a man he had come to call a close friend, was acting completely off kilter. He barely spoke the whole night brooding silently, secretly. After everyone left his mood took a turn for the worse. Hank assumed he wasn’t welcome and began to take his leave when he noticed tears quietly rolling down his friend’s cheeks.   
That night, Thomas Costello informed Hank that he had worked as a senior security technician at Dulce Base. Against all warnings from his superiors, he confessed that there were skirmishes and other more complex conflicts taking place between human beings and entities below the surface of our planet.
In the soft light of his dining room, Tom explained tacitly that he felt as if he was having some sort of nervous breakdown and that he needed to get this stuff out or he was going to explode. He described to Hank in detail the inner workings of the underground, hollowed out base and indicated that there were direct confrontations between humans and aliens in the lower levels of the military installation. The base was purportedly located below the mountains north of Dulce, New Mexico where hidden entrances exist along with secret hanger openings.
About a year after Thomas went public with this information he was found dead. The circumstances surrounding his death were also sketchy to say the least. Hank was distraught and hadn’t really understood the significance of everything that had been revealed to him until the advent of the internet.
“It wasn’t until many years later that i could even begin to make any sense of what Tom had told me,” explained Hank. “Hell, I must admit I didn’t believe him at first. It all seemed so fantastical to me, ya know, straight outta the twilight zone.” His voice trailed off and his eyes looked as if he had travelled back to a time long ago.
“I’d like to give you my phone number if you don’t mind and maybe we could talk more about Dulce,” Charlie suggested trying not to seem too some pushy or eager, which was hard because the excitement had given him goosebumps and reinforced what a good idea it was to take the trip down there.
“Truth be told, Tom gave me something before he died that I’d like to show you sometime. If you’re interested that is, “Hank said cordially.
Relax Charlie thought to himself. Don’t get too excited. Remember you just met this guy. He very well could be a total crackpot nutjob.
“Of course we’re interested,” Mikey blurted out enthusiastically.
“Well, I tell you fellas what,” he mused, “If y’all are gonna be around these parts later tonight I’d be more than happy to have you over for dinner. The missus is making pot roast and there’s always leftovers. The woman still cooks as if the kids are still in the house, but it makes her happy.”
“Absolutely, that sounds great we’d love to come,” began Mike focused on the promise of a home cooked meal before Charlie interrupted.
Charlie took a different approach feeling a bit abashed by his friend’s encumbrance. “We don’t want to impose on you after all we just met and...”
“Oh don’t be silly, it would be our pleasure. I can tell you guys are good people,” he said with a wink, “And my wife loves to entertain. Really I insist, besides I have some photos I think you boys might wanna see. I got em from Tom.”  
Not wanting to be rude Charlie agreed reluctantly, mostly out of common courtesy more than anything else. Mike jotted down the Hank’s information and agreed to meet him for a pot roast dinner. They took their leave and drove straight to Dulce not wanting to stray too far away from their dinner reservation, parting ways with the old man. On the way, Charlie couldn’t shake the feeling that he was missing something, then a light clicked on in his head.

More of the story soon! Stay tuned.

 Here's a super old photo of us, just for you guys, from almost 10 years ago!

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