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New Book By Ryan Traynor--Dislosure 4 (Chapter 2)

Sorry for the delayed post guys. I've been working on a lot of things at once...Here is the beginning of the next chapter of my husband's book.
Thank you to all of you who have been taking the time to read it all :)
Yes, it's still a work in progress, so editing still has to be done.
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Chapter 2

Charlie and Mike set out for the Archuleta Mesa early the next morning hoping to make the most of the day. They headed south on I-25 and then cut west towards the treacherous mountain passes along the Colorado New Mexico border. It had been many years since Charlie had driven through such treacherous terrain, which made him nervous as Mike whipped around mountainside curves.
Despite the reckless driving, Charlie couldn’t help but to take in the majestic awe inspiring scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains unfolding before them. There truly was nowhere else quite like it. And even though the land looked beautifully pristine, a darkness lay hidden within the picturesque landscape. Beneath the stretch of terrain between the Archuleta Mesa and Dulce, New Mexico were secrets. Bizarre secrets that went beyond the pale horse.
In 1979, Phil Schneider worked as a geologist and an engineer for the U.S. military in an underground military installation, which was under construction near the Archuleta Mesa.  He helped oversee deep earth excavations using laser technologies that pulverized and melted right through solid rock in order to expand the base. As the laser drilled downward, it eventually punctured a subterranean chamber.
Now, Phil had helped create vast underground complexes in different parts of the country as well as submarine facilities using reverse engineered alien tech. The covert bases were immense and connected by single rail maglev trains that traveled at supersonic levels. They could travel at Mach 2, which is twice the speed of sound and roughly 1500 mph. There were hundreds of these underground bases in the U.S. alone and thousands scattered across the globe.
When the subterranean chamber was infiltrated noxious “sooty” gases poured outward from the large hole created by the boring machine. Phil was lowered down into the chamber in an enclosed suit similar to a space suit equipped complete with a sidearm. After his descent into the opening, he came upon a seven foot tall grey alien that smelled extraordinarily foul like a demon out of the depths of hell. Alarmed, Phil struggled to get at pistol out of its holster impeded by the suit. Regardless, he popped in a clip convinced of their hostile intentions and successfully shot off a few rounds taking out two of the grey aliens on the spot.
One of them waved its hand and shot him with what appeared to be a bolt of blue lightning, which ripped open him wide open and severed a couple fingers right from his hand. Injured and in grave danger, Phil slipped in and out of consciousness as he was pulled from the chamber by green berets who proceeded to engage the aliens in a firefight. Sixty-six people associated with the government died in the skirmish.
According to Schneider, this sparked off an ongoing military conflict between humans and the underground aliens who had been encamped below the surface for hundreds of years. He also claimed that most of the world’s population would be eliminated by 2029, which would coincide with an alien invasion and takeover. The leftover population of humans would be enslaved. This was frightening because only catastrophic global disaster could actually wipe out the vast majority of people on earth.
He also repeated the same stories involving human beings being used like cattle and the other alien agendas. Moreover, there had been multiple attempts on his life and an attempt to kidnap his daughter before he was found dead of what was ultimately described as a stroke. At the time of his death he was terminally ill dying of cancer .
Charlie was transfixed by the story, aware of the criticisms, and had always wanted to check out the general vicinity of the mesa. After they finally made it to the mesa, they still weren’t sure if they wanted to drive all the way to Dulce or not. Mike looked upward and without warning yelled, “Holy shit!”
As if right on cue, a shiny metal object appeared in the big blue cloudless sky.
“What’s up man?” Charlie responded wide eyed.
“Look,” he cried excitedly pointing at it through the windshield. The object did seem to be quite high in the upper atmosphere, but did not resemble an airplane simply because it was far too round.
“Try not to lose it.” Charlie ordered sitting forward in his seat craning his neck to get the best possible view.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Mike chuckled, “I got this.”
“I think it’s getting closer.”

Both men jumped in their seats when they heard sirens sound loudly behind them.

To be continued...

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