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New Book! Disclosure by Ryan Traynor

Alright, so I promised you guys some pages from the new book that my husband has been working on.  I will be adding in my own bits here and there, but I haven't started yet, due to working on some other solo project and reviews. 
Anyway, I don't want to post all the pages right away, so I will have weekly posts.
Now keep in mind, these are a rough draft, so editing still needs to be done.
I LOVE his writing, so this is really exciting.
I hope you enjoy!

I wanted to add in that this is not a children's book. There may be some vulgar language at times. 

Feel free to comment at the bottom and let me know your thoughts! 

Here you go:

Disclosure by Ryan Traynor

Chapter 1

The night began like any other. It was early September, still hot in south Texas, and Jack was just driving home racing against the setting sun. It had been a blistering summer that year with consecutive 100 degree weeks that never seemed to end. The break in the heat came earlier this week, but things were not projected to stay that way.
He drove home, leaving his work site around seven thirty, in his old Dodge pickup with the window rolled down and enjoyed the cool air slapping noisily against his face and sweat stained t shirt all the while competing with the country music music blaring from the old stock radio.
It never occurred to Jack Warner as he pulled in the driveway, that the night would soon take a turn for the worst. In fact, it would bypass worse and crash headlong into shit town. Still, Jack was completely unaware as he walked through the door, kissed his wife and kids and went upstairs to take a shower. The shadow of impending doom loomed over him as he ate dinner and played with his children. Yet he remained impervious to the life altering future events, which hovered in front of him waiting to engulf his entire existence.
They say ignorance is bliss and sometimes that’s true. In Jack’s case, he was to be the rule and not the exception for he lived in quite comfortably in his nice tidy house with his nice tidy family in his nice tidy neighborhood.
As he helped put the kids to bed, he never could have expected his phone to be ringing away in the cup holder of his car for the seventh time since he arrived home not to mention ten unread text messages. It would be another hour before he went outside to retrieve it giving him the first real inkling the foreboding to come.
Sitting in the maroon easy chair in the front of the tv suddenly felt very surreal holding the phone in his hand slightly stunned and paralyzed knowing immediately something was very wrong. Very wrong indeed.
The phone felt as if it was an enormous foreign object in his hand. It was reminiscent of some very early undeveloped cognitive memories long forgotten. He felt eerily like a helpless baby groping for something slightly too large and heavy to lift and adequately maneuver. Infantile, yet mildly hallucinatory images jettisoned to the dark recesses of his mind and burrowed deep into his subconscious, leaving his mind empty and hollow.
Jack attempted to shake himself out of the bizarre stupor in order to properly concentrate on what seemed to be an emergency situation, but felt trapped inside his own head. This was followed by a sour rush of bad childhood memories. Ones that always seemed to bubble up to the surface in times of duress or high anxiety.
The phone loosened and fell from his hands on to the floor successfully rousing him from the nightmarish haze. As he reached down to pick it up off the carpet it began to buzz startling him, the ringer was off, and saw it was his parents calling probably his mother heralding the frightfully bad news.
Jack thought about picking it up, but intense wave of exhaustion mixed with a tinge of nausea hit him like a ton of bricks. Closing his eyes and napping felt like a real possibility and solaced alternative to facing whatever lie on the other side of the these missed calls. After the a short period of silence the phone buzzed again indicating another message was left grasping for attention. Clearly something was amiss. Eventually, he turned on his phone and saw eleven missed calls and a slew of unanswered text messages. Shit… something was wrong.

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Stay tuned next week for some more.

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