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New Book by Ryan Traynor Disclosure 2

Continuing from Chapter one of my husband's book...I hope you all have been looking forward to reading more. Again, remember, editing still needs to be done. This is all still a rough draft... ENJOY! And feel free to share this with your friends.
I will say this again--This is not a children's book, so there may be some occasional profanity. 

(In case you missed last week's post, you can read the first few pages of this book right here.)

Two days prior, Jack’s older brother Charles Warner was getting ready for a trip out of town. Charles, Charlie or Chuck to his friends depending on who you were speaking with, had made tickets to fly out of O’hare Airport in Chicago and to land at Denver’s International Airport. He had planned this trip months in advance to get research done for his new book.

Charlie was a writer who had worked his way up the literary ranks to be being relatively well paid if not well respected. Early in his career, he had written short stories aimed at seedy low budget magazines. With time the stories improved prompting him to write his first great American novel, which was a resounding failure. It lacked substance, originality and most importantly a worldly storyteller. This inspired him to leave his job at the siding company to pursue his own personal legend. 

An act that would free him forever from the shackles of a long predictable monotonous life. The failed novel propelled him into the world to learn and experience different people, places and ways of life. Charlie decided to trek up and down the west coast. He spent a little bit of time everywhere significant between Seattle and San Diego before moving to Colorado to unwind and do some serious writing. 

His adventures on the West Coast had fueled his creative process enabling him to write fluidly with a newly acquired style. He had met so many different people and absorbed so many different perspectives that it was hard to believe that he’d dared to write anything in the first place much less an entire novel (failure or not). Charlie made an effort to live a meager existence working as little as possible while reading as much as his brain could withstand. 

He loved the big cities in California and the immense variety each place had to offer, but also recognized the dark underbelly and steered clear of trouble. A lot of it seemed like one big city after another after another L.A., San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and Berkeley of course to name just a few. And the places could be at times unique and at others a plastic stereotype.

Washington and Oregon were part of the complex northwestern region of the country that had made a strong impression on him, which was initially unfavorable. The harsher climate made it seem uninviting not just to him but to the residents as well who generally numbered far less than south their southern counterparts. And although the people were a bit more reserved especially outside of Seattle and Portland, he liked the change of pace and like most places, it grew on him. 

When he arrived in Colorado, he tried his hand at a few mystery novels that verged on the horror genre, which got him an agent and a minor deal with a small publishing house that mostly focused on online formats and blogging. From there, he switched gears and had some major breakthrough success with his last two novels, which had immediate commercial success. The first one had been sci-fi thriller entitled Daydream about a dystopian future akin to Brave New World or 1984. The second one, known as Bombs Away, had been about a soldier in World War II who having been shot was eventually left for dead on a battlefield in France. 

On Sunday morning just before eleven A.M. his buddy Mikey showed up to drive them to the airport. Mike McKenna had been Charlie’s longtime compadre, truly one of the closest friends he’d had growing up. Mikey was a gruff red headed neighborhood rocker who twisted and turned until he ended up in medical school. Somehow, he squeaked his way through and became a surgeon. A plastic surgeon to be exact. 

He really had come a long way from being a burned out teenage drummer in a rock band to responsible member of the community. Sure, he might not have been saving lives per say or even practicing medicine in the conventional sense. Nonetheless, he was rescuing people from their boring mediocre existence perhaps even saving the lives of his patients on some inane superficial level. He sure liked to think he did and when that wasn’t enough comfort, there was always the money to fall back on.

Mikey pulled up to the house in his BMW i3, slid into the driveway and honked his horn obnoxiously in his typical Mckenna fashion. Charlie kissed his wife Helen goodbye and gave his son Rigsby one last big hug and a kiss on the top of his head before heading out the door with his suitcase in hand.

Though Helen was the mother of Charlie’s son, and they had been in a steady monogamous relationship for over seven years, they weren’t married and had no intentions possibly of ever getting hitched. Of course, there were many different reasons why, it did not affect their domestic life. They were an unconventional couple, an unconventional family really, but they made it work. 

Little did either of them know, Helen was carrying Rigsby’s little sister. However, it would be weeks before she would even find out that she was pregnant with her second child. A couple days before the trip Helen had joked with her best friend Elia about having more kids so Rigsby would have someone to play with and grow up alongside. They laughed at the prospect only something about that conversation struck her in an incomprehensible way.

The guys made it to the airport in record time, which quickly eroded navigating their way to the long term parking. One wrong turn became a tedious headache until they finally made their way through check in, past security and into the terminal headed to DIA. 

When Mikey heard about his friend’s solo trip, he rearranged his schedule in order to accompany his friend out to the majestic Rocky Mountains. His sister Megan lived in Denver and he had wanted to get out there to see her for the past couple years and what better time than now he had thought. Besides it had been over seven months since had really taken any time off from his bustling practice downtown. 

Everything was smooth sailing once they were airborne. Mike ordered a couple shooters while Charlie opted for a can of tomato juice and his laptop. Ah, the joys of flying coach he lamented thinking about the people reclining in first class sipping champagne while choosing a gourmet meal selection. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to splurge, but the reality was that he had a family now and their needs came first Mike had thought about buying a first class ticket, but knew he would be sitting alone and that surely wasn’t point of him going.

Despite the proletariat conditions, the two men made the most of flight. Mike slammed back the shooters of Jim Beam with a Coke chaser and dozed while Charlie pounded away on 
his computer. During a spat of turbulence the fasten seat belt sign came on with a ding accompanied by the captain’s confident muffled update. Looking over, Charlie wondered how his friend managed to sleep through it all while he gripped the armrests silently whispering prayers in his head. The sad reality was that the plane ride would be the last thing he would need to worry about because Charlie Warner would not be returning home. 

The actual purpose of this trip was to research several key places that would be featured in his upcoming book. He was finally writing his opus. This was the project he’d been musing on since his high school when him and Mikey speculated on all sorts of things surrounding the secret history of the world over coffee at the local diner. over the years, they hit on suppressed technologies, covert religious and government agendas, angels and demons, aliens and extraterrestrials, hyper dimensionals and beings of pure consciousness. Conspiracy theories ran wild from Oak Island to Easter Island, from the Philadelphia Experiment to the Philip Experiment, to worldwide floods, genetic manipulations and parallel realities. Alchemy, numerology, astrology and the occult among other things were all examined for their ancient hidden knowledge.

This was why Mikey came. It was his job, ney his duty, to assist Charlie's destiny. And maybe destiny was not the right word because this was not fate. This was the active pursuit of truth and art, it was the free willed choice he made to pursue his epic saga, his personal legend. 

Colorado was to be the first of many places visited in the completion of the book. Charlie felt it imperative that he actually visit these sites first hand in order to capture the true essence behind these mysterious places. One such place on the agenda was the Archuleta Mesa, which was located in the south west of the state near Dulce, New Mexico. They also planned to check out Cheyenne Mountain, Mesa Verde, the city of Grand Junction in the Grand Valley, Blanca Peak near Alamosa and last but not least the Denver International Airport.

This was to be the beginning of a life altering quest in which glimpses of the truth could be attained and shared with the world. And even though Charlie felt nervous if not downright ill at ease on this trip, he finally felt a true sense of purpose. One that could never have been achieved by his previous literary works. Yet somehow, he knew they were vital prerequisites to what was to be his masterpiece.

As the plane touched down on the tarmac with a thud, Charlie felt grateful. Meanwhile, Mikey roused himself from his stupor pleasantly surprised to see them at their destination safe and sound. Being that they had a long week ahead, the duo set off without a moment to spare to get a rental car secured. 

Once everything was situated, the two men headed straight over to Megan's house in their newly rented 2016 Nissan Sentra. Traffic wasn't too bad allowing them to make it there in under an hour, which was pretty good being that the airport was located so far away from the city per se. 

On the drive over to his sister's house, Mike couldn't help yammering on about his social life, which was pretty active despite all the hours he spent working. Charlie rode shotgun and listened politely, but his mind was ablaze with activity causing his attention to wander to the tasks at hand. He envisioned their destinations, places he'd read about so many times, but never actually been. He mused on the adventure ahead and wondered how he'd gotten to this point when his thoughts were suddenly derailed by a powerful childhood memory.

There he was driving with his friend through downtown Denver when he found himself whisked away back to that cold dark night in 1988. Charles Warner was seven years old and he shared a room with his younger brother Jack. They were two years apart, but Charlie always felt so much older than his brother who slept like a baby on this particularly dark night. He could still remember the face peering through the bedroom window, which was located on the second floor.

"So we decided to meet up Friday night," Mikey declared with a sly smile on his face.

Charlie snapped out of it and muttered, “Huh?”

“I met up with Susan last friday and took her to Club Heat near the mall. Everything was going just fine until she decided to do shots and of course…”

Charlie half listened to his friend’s story nodding and responding appropriately while trying desperately to repress the memory that haunted him. The memory that spawned his current novel and it was for that reason that could not hold back the flood gates. 

Before he could slip away back into the cold dark caverns of his mind, Mikey informed him that they were only about a mile away from her house. 

“Megan is gonna freak out when she sees you,” Mike warned.

“I know the last time I saw her was oh I don’t know, four or five years ago I think.”

“At least, she had her third kid,” with comedic seriousness.

“Damn, her third?” Charlie asked surprised.

“I know.”

“Not with the same guy?”

“No, no no,” the both laughed insensitively as they approached the apartment complex.

That night they all went out to dinner at a local restaurant named Nick’s Charhouse and caught up on each other’s lives. Things felt lighthearted and jovial as the bill came, which was picked up by Dr. Mckenna after a little back and forth. After dinner, Mike wanted to see take in some of the nightlife, but his sister had to get home to relieve the sitter and Charlie wanted to get checked in to the hotel so he could get acclimated for the busy week ahead.

Stay tuned for more in a few days...

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