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Seed by Ania Ahlborn Book Review

I go crazy whenever I hear about a new horror novel or horror flick. I can't help it. Ever since I was a kid, I was drawn to scary stories. I'm always looking for something even scary than the last. My favorite type of horror novels or movies are the ones about possession, demons, and ghosts. One of my favorite books is The Omen by David Seltzer. I haven't found too many other novels or short stories that I like as much as The Omen. Don't get me wrong--I like the Exorcist, I like Stephen King books, I like Dean Koontz, I like John Saul, I even like some Christopher Pike, but David Seltzer's book, The Omen, just really stuck with me. Something about such a malevolent evil harboring inside what appears to be an innocent child...I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
I searched all over the internet for "the scariest book of all time". I looked over several lists and found a book that was at the top of many.

Photo: Just finished reading Seed by Ania Ahlborn. It was at the top of many people's list for "scariest books of all time" and was said to be better than Stephen King.
Well, duh, naturally, I had to find a copy and read it!
A book about demons, possession, evil disguised as a child.....right down my alley as far as the type of thing I love to read about. I LOVE to get wrapped up in a book that can scare me...NOT an easy thing to do. THIS book was good. Scary??? Yes. So glad that I read it.
I also love that it was written by a woman! Especially since I co-wrote a horror novel with my husband, involving demonic possession as well. Most of the scarier scenes in our book came straight outta MY head.(A Dance of Light and Darkness by Ryan and Niki Traynor---on amazon)
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Title: Seed
Author: Ania Ahlborn
Genre: Horror/Occult

What I Really Thought About This Book

Loved it.
Because it IS scary.
Because a WOMAN wrote it.
Because Ania Ahlborn is an excellent story-teller.
Take that King, Koontz, Saul, Hill, and any of you other male horror authors! :)

Now even though this story is about possession, which so many people have tried to write about, hers is a bit different. It's not entirely predictable like most- you know, with the usual someone gets possessed and an exorcism inevitably takes place. Not in this story. No spinning head, no holy water, no burning on church grounds, no speaking in tongues. This story is very unique, in my opinion. 

I love the characters. Jack and Aimee, the parents, are very realistic. Their conversations, their actions, and the way they handled their child's behavior all seemed realistic to me. Charlie and her older sister were very realistic as well. My favorite character, of course, was Charlie...the evil that lurked within that innocent child...oh my. The scarier events in the book are described astonishingly well. I kept seeing the little girl's dark soulless eyes and her inhuman stretched-a-bit-too-far grin. I heard her too innocent voice as she spoke, heard her creepy giggle...
I heard the scratching in the walls. Maybe it was a mistake to occasionally read this book in a dimly lit room, while everyone else was fast asleep? My mind started playing tricks on me. I started noticing every little sound in my dark house. This book made me more nervous than usual. And then during the day, somehow my little 5 yr old would pop up out of nowhere and say something that  would remind me of innocent little Charlie. Or he would hum softly or giggle, or stare off at dark corners, saying nothing. 

This book NEEDS to be made into a movie. Although, I'm afraid someone might not make it visually scary enough on the big screen, like most modern day scary movies. I honestly can't think of a recent American horror film that I found scary. Sad, but true. It would be nice to see an Asian horror film created after this story though...I don't know. I just like more Asian horror films than American ones.
The ending could have been slightly better. I expected something else to happen. It was alright though. Not horrible enough to change my feelings for the book since the rest of the book satisfied me.

The phrase Daddy's little girl can be applied to this book, but not in the traditional sense. 
Haha, read the book if you're into horror.You'll understand what I mean.

Would I say that this is "THE SCARIEST BOOK OF ALL TIME"? No. But, it's up there, compared to the other horror books that I've read. The ending could have taken a darker turn. Gorier, scarier events could have happened too.
I liked this book so much that I want to buy EVERY other book Ahlborn has written. I'm actually surprised that I had not heard of her sooner. She has some talent.

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This was not a sponsored review. This is an actual book that I bought myself and read for pleasure. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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