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Get My Book for Only $0.99!

The book that my husband and I wrote, "A Dance of Light and Darkness" is going to be on sale for $0.99 starting tonight!

If you have an amazon account it's really easy to download and if you don't have an amazon account, it's free and very simple to create one.

Our book is available to download to ANY kindle or the kindle app on any iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or other android device. You can also download directly to your computer through the Kindle Cloud.

Here is a quick synopsis:

Noel Brighton had it all... or at least he thought he did. Before he knew what was coming, Noel was blindsided by betrayal, torn from his family and forced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. These unfortunate circumstances land him in an insidious place known as Pulaski Correctional Facility where he goes on to experience amazing supernatural events including exorcisms and the resurrection of his fellow inmate. Luckily, Noel receives a massive inheritance, which allows him to aid others and gives him the opportunity to transform Pulaski into a model prison system.
Meanwhile, his wife takes their daughter and moves across the country to start over in San Antonio. All the while, Lilith grows into a teenager completely unaware of who her father was or where he resides. Throughout the story, she is drawn to the occult, which begins when she uses the Ouija board for the first time. In her dreams, an evil entity lures the young girl and will stop at nothing to seduce her. She meets a few troublesome characters who only cause her to stray further towards the dark side only to wind up in worse trouble than she could ever imagine.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the first part of the book:

When it was all digested in his mind and he understood that he was going to be forced to serve decades locked up like an animal, he stood up at the defendant's table and slammed his cuffed hands down on the table. He turned around and looked into his wife's crying eyes, picked up the wooden chair he was sitting on, and threw it at the judge. It hit his podium, broke into large pieces and went flying into his face. The judge's nose broke when a piece made contact and blood gushed from his nostrils. The bailiffs sprang forth to subdue the enraged defendant. Noel saw them coming and grabbed his lawyer's chair and threw it in their direction. It hit one of the officer's legs, stopping him momentarily. The other bailiff raised his gun and commanded Noel to freeze. He raised his arms in the air while the officer walked over to him slowly. He was told to get on his knees, but Noel ignored the instruction and stood his ground. The other bailiff got to his feet, walked directly up to Noel, baton in hand, and slammed his face down on the table. The officer chopped at his legs and took him down for the count.
Cheyenne went straight home and had a strong drink. It was over; she had successfully framed her husband and now there was no one left to answer to, but God almighty for her sins. She cut off all contact with Freddy and swore off the drugs. Going cold turkey was hard, but not as hard as living with the guilt. Less than a month passed by before she really understood she couldn't stay there. The house was sold without delay and Noel's business was liquidated along with his car. This money was added together with the fifteen thousand dollars Freddy gave to her for compensation. She packed up her things along with Lilith's and headed south.

The first place they ended up was Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was a nice little city nestled in the Rocky Mountains. She rented a nice two bedroom apartment in a wealthy sector known as the Broadmoor. In between looking for a job, Cheyenne spent time strolling around downtown. She loved to take Lilith to Acacia Park located in the heart of the city. As summer approached, she was offered two different jobs and she turned down the position at the airport. The one she ended up taking was located at a restaurant located in an area called Old Colorado City. Waiting tables brought in a decent income and didn't steal away too much time for her daughter. The new living situation wasn't ideal, but seemed like it was going to work out fine. Lilith celebrated her first birthday with her mother at their apartment. Despite her past, Cheyenne tried to be the kind of parent that her daughter deserved. This helped divert her attention away from her imprisoned husband and took up most of her time. The adjustment to the new climate was hard, but really began to take its toll the following winter.

After the first snowfall, she got into a car accident and her car became lodged in a snowdrift. Luckily, a couple of travelers pulled over to the side of the road and freed her car. She thought long and hard about staying there and knew the right thing to do was keep heading south until she reached warmer weather. Her mother, Roxanne, moved to San Antonio a few years earlier and it seemed like the next logical destination. Plus, her daughter needed more family members she could depend on. So, she put in her two weeks' notice at work and prepared to move across the country again. In the back of her mind she felt thankful that Lilith was still so young. The relocation wouldn't have any affect on her, but she also knew she would have to find a permanent residence to bring stability into her child's life.
As soon as she fulfilled her work obligations, Cheyenne hit the road and didn't look back. She drove there straight through, without stopping and made it to her mother's home in hours, arriving at five o'clock in the morning. Upon arrival, she handed the baby over to Roxanne and slept for the rest of the day. The move felt right and gave her the chance to begin a new period in her life. It was filled with enormous potential and the possibilities were endless. From now on, she would try to learn from her mistakes and make the right choices. And maybe, someday, she hoped to make it all up to Noel, but highly doubted if that was ever going to be possible. But the truth was she'd reached the point of no return.

Here are some excerpts from the second part of our book:

Chapter 5

Lying perfectly still in the middle of a cold, dark street, Lilith opened her eyes and stared upward at the cloudless sky above. The ebony background contrasted starkly with the brightest full moon she'd ever seen, illuminating the earth below. She stood up, looked down at herself, and realized she was wearing a scarlet evening gown made of silk. It flowed in the wind as she examined her surroundings. Houses lined the street one after the other. Each one possessed a driveway which was attached to the sidewalk interconnecting the entire block. Different kinds of cars and trucks filled the cracked driveways, but nobody seemed to be awake. Every house was lifeless and dark. There wasn't even a single porch light shining to help her see more clearly.
Just then, a strange crackling sound could be heard. Looking down, she saw a tiny orange flame hovering a few inches above the ground. It floated down the street and split in two. The fiery orbs headed in opposite directions dancing their way across the street. By this time, they'd reached the sidewalk on both sides and grown to the size of basketballs. The orbs burned brightly lighting up many of the houses. Lilith blinked a few times and shook her head when she realized she was standing next to the house she'd grown up in. It looked decrepit and uninhabitable. She assumed the city had it condemned long ago. As the fireballs swelled in proportion, she looked across the street and saw her grandmother's home. It had a fresh coat of coral paint and looked as if it had been well maintained. The flaming orbs intensified and advanced towards the two houses, engulfing them in flames.

Familiar voices could be heard crying for help, so Lilith ran up the street to get closer to the blaze. She recognized her mother's voice right away and went running towards the blazing house to her right. By the time she reached the front yard the entire house was consumed by the fire. Terror gripped her entire body as she stood there frozen in place. The grass felt hot and prickly beneath her feet. Heat radiated off the burning structure, stinging her face and all of the exposed parts of her skin.
Stepping back onto the street, Lilith let out a few short whimpers as her eyes began to tear up. She sniffled hard and turned her head in time to see the roof of her grandmother's house cave in. Blistering heat radiated from the wreckage. Muffled cries could be heard coming from inside the house as the roof completely crashed to the ground.
"Grandma!" she yelled, running towards the destruction.
The scared girl wanted to help, but she didn't know what to do. The agonizing screams became louder as fresh tears spilled down her cheeks. She remained motionless, wondering if she could go back and save her mother. The more she worried about it, the more the fatigue set in. It finally got to the point that her body gave out on her. She fell to the ground, paralyzed and watched the house burn steadily to the ground. She coughed uncontrollably, like an asthmatic child as burning ash blew in her face, obscuring her vision.

Lilith lifted her head and felt a hand brush against her cheek, causing her to blush slightly. She looked up at the young man who was standing before her. He was strikingly handsome and well dressed. The man did not look at all disturbed by the devastation surrounding him. He simply picked her up off the ground as if she was nothing more than a rag doll. Lilith breathed clearly and looked into the stranger's face. His porcelain skin was flawless and he had a captivating smile. He lifted her chin and gazed deeply into her light brown eyes. All of the young girl's fears began to melt away as she looked at him and immediately she felt safe. The screams faded away into the distance and she became mesmerized.
Although she had never met this man before, she longed for him to place his lips against hers. The stranger held her in his strong arms and continued smiling. He studied her eyes as if he was reading her thoughts.
"Lilith," he whispered without moving his lips.
All of a sudden, she was watching the entire scene from a short distance away. The strange man holding her was exceptionally tall. He had jet black hair and a solid build. Standing there amidst the flames, he looked almost angelic. His claret eyes were ancient, telling a timeless story, yet he appeared to be about the same age as Lilith. He pulled the young girl into his arms and kissed her with an intense passion. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before. Warm, electrifying energy flowed from his lips to hers, trickling through every inch of her being. Lilith shuddered in ecstasy as their bodies melted together in his embrace. Looking around, she noticed every house on the block was ablaze.
Then it was over and she was awake. She could still feel the pressure of his lips on hers. The dream left behind feverish, tingling sensations and intense warmth. She touched her lips and was startled by her best friend's voice.

If you're into books about the occult, demons, angels, ouija boards, hauntings, evil entities, dreams, nightmares, paranormal and horror, then this is the book for you. :)

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