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Published our first novel together...Finally!

After brainstorming, writing, erasing, writing, erasing, and writing some more for about a year, our (almost) 140,000 word paranormal horror novel has been published through Amazon.

How exciting!!!! right? I can't wait till people read it!

Let me tell you a little bit about it...
First off, it is an ADULT paranormal/horror novel. I say this because there is a bit of gore and profanity in it. Think Stephen King, Dean Koontz or John Saul type content. It is great for people who enjoy reading novels written by the authors I just mentioned or people who are into the occult, demons, possession, angels, nightmares, and the like. It is the first book we have written together and we will be writing a second book. Perhaps it will be a trilogy or series?
We are very happy to finally have it out and what a great time of year to have it published---as we are nearing the Halloween season. Perfect timing!
It is available for purchase on virtually any computer or computer like device. You can upload it to your Kindle or Kindle app on any device, desktop, laptop, android, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad...
Okay, so if you are interested in purchasing our book or even downloading a sample I am including a link as well as a synopsis below:

here is a link to our book------->>>>>>A Dance of Light and Darkness

Here is the synopsis: "Noel Brighton had it all... or at least he thought he did. Before he knew what was coming, Noel was blindsided by betrayal, torn from his family and forced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. These unfortunate circumstances land him in an insidious place known as Pulaski Correctional Facility where he goes on to experience amazing supernatural events including exorcisms and the resurrection of his fellow inmate. Luckily, Noel received a massive inheritance, which allowed him to aid others and gave him the opportunity to transform Pulaski into a model prison system.
Meanwhile, his wife takes their daughter and moves across the country to start over in San Antonio. All the while, Lilith grows into a teenager completely unaware of who her father was or where he resides. Throughout the story, she is drawn to the occult, which begins when she uses the Ouija board for the first time. In her dreams, an evil entity lures the young girl and will stop at nothing to seduce her. She meets a few troublesome characters who only cause her to stray further towards the dark side only to wind up in worse trouble than she could ever imagine."

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